Event Details

Date: To be confirmed March 2019

Time: To be confirmed

What does “lite”mean? 

The “lite” event is suggested as a come and try event. The same rules and restrictions apply, but individuals can enter on the day (read below). The course will consisting of multiple laps of a smaller distance.

Why offer a “lite” version:

Swimrun is unique in many respects:

  •  you are part of a team of two not an individual,
  • competitors swim in their shoes and run in their wet suits, and
  • there are multiple swimming and running legs.

To introduce competitors to the concept, and to ensure people are aware of the level of fitness required to complete such an event we provide “lite”.

**** As an exception in this event we will allow individual entries (18 y.o. and over) to sign up on the day. This amendment allows solo entrants the opportunity to compare their time to other solo competitors when looking to form a team with another of similar ability. ****

Location Details

Address: Kingston Beach.